Stakeholder Engagement

Structured stakeholder engagement is a critical requirement for business and government and a key aspect in the evaluation of sustainable solutions.Your input as stakeholders is important to SEF and is required in terms of the EIA Regulations promulgated under Section 24 of the National Environmental Management Act 107 of 1998 (NEMA). As part of this process it is the responsibility of the Environmental Assessment Practitioner, in this case SEF, to maintain an accurate database as to individuals which have engaged in the process, this data is required so that SEF can pro-actively communicate with you once you have registered on the project. In order to gain access to the documents which are available for stakeholder review, you are requested to register on the system. This is a “one time” registration process which will give you access to all stakeholder documents.All parties have responsibilities with respect to engaging in the process and in terms of this process and Interested & Affected Parties (I&APs) are entitled to comment in writing on all written submissions made to the competent authority, before they are submitted to the competent authorities and within the approved timeframes. There is also an obligation on the I&AP’s to disclose any direct business or interest in the proposed development. Personal information collected by SEF via the Interested and Affected Party Database is limited to your contact number and email address in order for SEF to communicate with you, as an I&AP, in order to ensure that you receive information with regard to the process and decision making of the proposed development. SEF will not share your personal information with third parties without your permission and will only use it for the purposes of the EIA process in terms of Public Participation, as stated above.

If you have problems gain access to the information please contact SEF immediately and we will assist.

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