Socio-Economic Development

Lesedi Secondary School

For the past nine years SEF has formed a relationship with Lesedi Secondary School and has incorporated the school into it social economic development initiative. The relationship between SEF and Lesedi has over the past grown to one which is mutually beneficial and is very close to SEF and its staff. Lesedi is located in the Mamelodi area of Pretoria and have approximately 500 learners attending.

SEF has undertaken and been involved in numerous initiatives with Lesedi over the past which have ranged from hosting a career day at the school to introduce learners to various future career options, introduction to waste management, electricity savings and monitoring program, celebration of environmental calendars days, cheetah outreach programme, fun events such as soccer days, etc. to the creation of vegetable gardens as part of a sustainable lifestyle project.

Our latest project which SEF has embarked is of a more strategic and holistic nature, whereby SEF is introducing the learners to a household waste biogas system. This approach introduces the learners to a sustainable living which can be rolled out to the surrounding areas if implemented correctly at the school. Learners are introduced to rainwater harvesting, vegetable gardening, energy efficiency and other environmental issues with information sharing, training and education initiatives which is then built into the school curriculum.

With the implementation of the Household Waste Based Biogas Systems (HWB) with the school there are numerous benefits which are derived, if applied in the greater community. These are:

  • Lowering of the health risks involved by household cooking.
  • Creating capacity in the community with respect to alternative sources of energy.
  • To enhance the household economy for the low-income population.
  • Provide job opportunities
  • Climate Mitigation.
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