Mining & Industry Services

SEF offers a competitive and comprehensive service to the mining industry by providing holistic and sustainable solutions, all the while complying with legislative requirements.
In addition to the above, SEF has vast experience within the industrial sector, and as such the company strives to provide competitive and sustainable solutions for both Greenfield and Brownfield industrial sites.
Mining Application Processes

  • Mining Right, Mining Permit and Prospecting Right Applications
  • Development of site specific Environmental Management Programmes (EMPrs)
  • Environmental Assessments and Standard Environmental Management Plans (SEMP) for both prospecting and mining permits
  • Undertaking of Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) for proposed new mining developments as well as for the amendment of existing Mining Rights
  • Undertaking of Water Use License Applications (WULA’s)
  • Compilation of Integrated Waste Water Management Plans
  • Development of Social and Labour Plans (SLP)
  • Extensive Stakeholder Engagement and Community Facilitation experience
  • Calculation of Financial Provision and compilation of Closure Applications
  • Drafting of Rehabilitation, Closure and Land Restoration Plans
  • Undertaking of Performance Assessments in respect of Legislated Requirements
  • On-going Monitoring and Compliance in respect of License Requirements

 Management Tools

  • Geographical Information System (GIS) analysis
  • Rehabilitation Guideline Development
  • Mine Closure Planning and Quantum Closure financial determination

Monitoring and Compliance

  • Environmental Auditing
  • Independent and Specialist Reviews of Environmental Reports
  • Environmental Feasibility Assessments
  • Environmental Performance Assessment
  • Environmental Compliance Assessment

Key services within the mining sector

  • Ecological and Wetland Impact Assessment
  • Aquatic Assessment and Bio-monitoring
  • Heritage Impact Assessment
  • Visual Impact Assessment
  • Soil and Land Capability Assessment
  • Social Impact Assessment and Resettlement Planning
  • Land Use and Spatial Planning
  • Rehabilitation and Restoration Plans
  • Skilled Stakeholder Engagement and Community Liaison
  • Environmental Compliance Monitoring

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 Mining Expertise

By integrating our service offerings within a collective business unit, SEF is strategically positioned to provide a holistic solution to both the mining and industrial sectors and their always evolving environment.  

Furthermore, this integrated approach sets SEF apart by way of providing a platform for in-house technical expertise and innovative solution based service offerings.