GIS and Remote Sensing

SEF provides a unique range of Geographic Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing products and services that complement and extend SEF’s environmental, social and built service components.
GIS and Remote sensing technologies often play an integrated role within SEF’s projects, providing spatial data and information tools to create, analyse, manipulate and visualise different environmental and socio-economic datasets. SEF aims to deliver professional spatial information products and services for effective decision-making through innovative and analytical geographic information applications. SEF GIS uses the latest Arc Map 10.1, Esri software and Remote Sensing ERDAS Imagine software products.
Geographical Information System (GIS)

  • Data Integration (CAD, Raster, Vector, Google Earth, XY coordinates from excel)
  • Geo Data Management  
  • Geospatial Analysis and Modelling
  • GIS Digitising
  • Advanced  Raster Data Analysis
  • Digital Photo Interpretation (Orthophoto/Aerial/Satellite)
  • 3D Mapping
  • Map Production & Report Generation
  • Tailoring GIS Tools to Client Specifications

GIS Applications

  • Economic, & Demographic-based Analysis (Services vs. Demand Analysis)
  • Environmental Management Systems Analysis  & Modelling
  • Open Space Management Tools
  • Hydrological & Surface Modelling
  • Terrain Analysis using Digital Elevation Models
  • Land Suitability Analysis & Modelling
  • Visual Impact Assessment Analysis

Remote Sensing

  • Imagery Procurement, Preparation & Processing: ortho-rectification, atmosphere correction, classification, accuracy assessment and change detection.
  • Application areas: Agricultural, Land-use & Land-cover time series analysis, and Vegetation type mapping,
  • Hyper spectral applications for the mining and agricultural sectors.

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FAST FACT  Geographic Information Systems (GIS)GIS is an analytical tool that allows the visualisation of spatial data, and is critical for all of SEF’s services, especially for the spatial presentation of specialist studies and strategic assessments.

The true strength of GIS lies in the amalgamation of normal data with spatial locations using a geospatial database. SEF’s GIS and database design expertise allow for a multitude of sophisticated services, resulting in high quality maps and reports to support decision making at all levels in the government as well as the private sector.