Environmental Processes

Successful resource managers understand the art of finding and maintaining the balance between the forces that affect their assets. While management objectives may vary, there remains one constant: only where resources are adequately understood can they be effectively managed.
SEF’s clients are able to make informed decisions, confident in the knowledge that SEF’s team of natural and social scientists, as well as it’s built environment specialists, have provided the necessary understanding of the biophysical and built environment, and social assets. SEF’s holistic approach is expressed through proven experience in assessing and setting objectives in the areas of Agriculture, Biodiversity (including terrestrial and aquatic fauna, flora and habitats), Heritage, Tourism and Social resource management.
Environmental Management

  • Environmental Feasibility Assessments (e.g. site selection or initial environmental assessments)
  • Basic Assessments (BAs)
  • Scoping and Environmental Impact Reporting (S&EIR) Assessments
  • Section 24G Rectification Applications
  • Environmental Management Programmes (EMPs)
  • Section 28 Environmental Management Programmes (EMPs)
  • Environmental Authorisation Amendment Applications
  • Environmental Opinions

License Applications

  • Water Use License Applications (WULAs)
  • Mining and Prospecting Licences in terms of the MPRDA
  • Waste Management Licences (WMLs)
  • Atmospheric Emission Licences (AELs)

Strategic Assessments

  • Environmental Management Frameworks (EMFs)
  • State of Environment Reports (SoERs)
  • Strategic Environmental Assessments (SEAs)
  • Integrated Municipal Environmental Programmes (IMEPs)
  • Integrated Environmental Implementation Plans (IEIPs)
  • Environmental Implementation Plans (EIPs)

Specialised Services

  • Rehabilitation Guideline Development
  • Climate Change Strategy Development
  • Risk Assessments
  • Environmental Policy Development
  • Independent Reviews
  • Legislative Opinions
  • Environmental Authority Liaison

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