EHS / Environmental Compliance

In recent years environmental, social and labour concerns have led to a significant increase in the scope of compliance obligations across all regulatory environments. Being closely related, environmental, social concerns and compliance activities have become more integrated in order to avoid conflict and risk to assets all with the view of ensuring continued sustainability.With both environmental, health and safety legislation, organisations have a duty of care to ensure that the environment, society at large and employees, who may be affected by the company’s undertakings, remain safe and protected at all times. Moral obligations involve the protection of the environment, employee’s health and well-being, while ensuring their safety. Legal reasons for Occupational Safety and Health practices, including sound environmental management relate to the preventative, punitive and compensatory effects of laws that protect worker’s safety, health and the environment.
  • ISO 14001 management system implementation & start-up;
  • ISO 14001 internal and external audits;
  • ISO 14001 certification facilitation;
  • Environmental Management System Implementation and Formulation;
  • Risk Assessments;
  • Environmental Control Officer Services;
  • Acting as liaison with Authorities;
  • Environmental Officer Services;
  • Development of Environmental Site Compliance Files;
  • Undertaking of Section 24G Rectification Processes for activities commenced without Authorisation;
  • Environmental Legal Compliance Assessments;
  • Development of Environmental Management Programme (EMPr);
  • Development of Greenstar EMPr;
  • Development of Pre-authorisation EMPr;
  • Development of Post-authorisation EMPr;
  • EMPr Performance Assessments (NEMA and MPRDA);
  • Water Use License Compliance Assessments;
  • Other Environmental Auditing; and
  • Basic Environmental Compliance Training.
  • Development of project specific SHE Specifications;
  • Development of a project specific safety plan;
  • Compiling of a safety file and submitting it for approval by the legal Authorities;
  • Assessment of safety information submitted by prospective contractors during the tendering process;
  • Assessment of appointed contractor’s safety files;
  • Construction Site SHE Audits – monthly required by law;
  • Safety Officer Services: Full or part time;
  • General occupational health and safety consultation;
  • Risk assessment facilitation and review;
  • Workplace consultation, e.g. machine safety assessment and recommendations;
  • Documentation development: policies, registers, appointment letters, safe work procedures, etc.;
  • Formulation of emergency evacuation plans, preparedness and procedures;
  • Safety Officer services such as inspections and attendance of meetings;
  • Construction System – safety files in both hard copy and digital format;
  • OHSAS 18001 management system implementation & start-up;
  • OHSAS 18001 internal and external audits;
  • OHSAS 18001 certification facilitation; and
  • SHE training.

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