Built Environment Services

SEF’s built environment services form part of the integrated service offering at SEF, and provides both full and comprehensive Landscape Architecture and Architecture services.  This multi-disciplinary approach allows us to add value to our client’s products.SEF’s team of built environment specialists are able to offer innovative sustainable solutions that respond to the development needs of our clients and the environment.

Design Methodology

The Built Environment specialists at SEF aim to achieve high standards of design and professionalism throughout all phases of our services.  From formulating and understanding the Client’s brief, to delivering a completed project, on time and within budget.

Taking into cognisance sustainability and environmental requirements, technical developments, economic and social realities and international design influences, SEF’s solution driven designs are not only fit for purpose, but set benchmarks in design excellence.


  • Architectural Design and Consulting.
  • Green Building Design.
  • Rehabilitation Guideline Development.
  • Energy Efficient Auditing and Modelling.
  • Sustainability Consulting.
  • Greenstar Ratings.
  • Renewable Energy Research & Implementation.

Landscape Architecture

  • Wetland Rehabilitation Planning and Management.
  • Design, vision and concept development (Master Planning).
  • Provision of best practice, sustainable and green building advice and solutions.
  • Design development integration with existing government laws and policies.
  • Client brief development to establish general landscape requirements and potential.
  • Preliminary site analysis (including contours, soil, ecology, buildings, roads).
  • Visual impact assessments.
  • Public participation.
  • Preparation and presentation of detailed plans and working drawings, including construction details and specifications for the project using up to date computer design software.
  • Re-work of proposals to suit client requirements and producing an agreed final design that is cost effective.
  • Coordination with manufacturers and suppliers.
  • Tender administration.
  • Site visits and construction monitoring.
  • Coordination with other professionals.
  • Generation of new ideas and business opportunities.

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Energy Efficient Auditing and Modelling

SEF offers a broad range of experience and skills in energy-related impact assessments and planning studies. We provide renewable energy solutions, based on expertise in the traditional energy sector, including several studies in cogeneration. These principles are integrated with SEF’s Green Building focus, providing clients with an integral energy-efficient alternative.
  • Energy efficiency auditing
  • Climate Change strategy development
  • Rehabilitation Guideline Development
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FAST FACT  SEF’s renewable energy services are based on the principle that, “that which is generated from natural resources and is naturally replenished is more sustainable”. Renewable energy technologies include solar power, wind power, hydroelectricity, micro hydro, biomass and biofuels.The focus on the sustainable use of natural energy resources has become the key to the viability of many sectors such as mining, energy and industry. SEF with our strategic partners offers services in the fields of energy-efficiency and auditing, calculation of carbon footprints and greenhouse gas emissions, and vegetation sequestration potential. SEF also develops concrete strategies to alleviate the impact of the costs of climate change while advising client’s on how to reduce their greenhouse gas footprint.

Visual Impact Assessments

SEF’s visual assessments are done on the basis of the DEA&DP’s guidelines for involving visual and aesthetic specialists in EIA processes and are reviewed by highly qualified objective peer reviewers.Visual Impact Assessment for EskomSEF assessed the visual impact of over 2 000km of proposed transmission lines in practically all nine provinces of South Africa. SEF’s visual assessments of the proposed Kendal and Vaal South coal fired power stations considered the visual impacts on viewers up to 20km from the site.
FAST FACT Green Building Design   In order to realise its underlying philosophy of sustainable development, SEF is committed to Sustainable Architecture and Landscape Architecture across the board. This means that the company aims to meet its clients development needs through “Green Architecture” and Landscape Architecture. By constantly contributing to minimising the negative effect of planned development, and therefore maximising on opportunities through sustainable design solutions, SEF hopes to meet this goal. As a result SEF’s cradle-to-grave packaged solution ensures a balanced approach to environment, social and economic opportunities.