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Last week Friday, the Minister of Water and Environmental Affairs, Ms Edna Molewa, effected the fee regulations which will be mandatory for all applications for Environmental Authorisations and Waste Management Licences as well as amendments to, or renewals of, these licences. This will come into effect on 1 April 2014 and will only apply to applications lodged on or after this date.

According to the communication issued by the Department of Environmental Affairs, the fees are intended to recover the basic administration costs of processing an application as well as the costs of site visits, inspections and document production.

Some important items to note are:

  • Payment must be made on or before the date of submission of the application;
  • The regulations will not apply to applications for community based projects funded by a government grant or applications made by an organ of state;
  • Fees are not refundable if the application is withdrawn or if it lapses;
  • Applications which are upgraded from a basic assessment to a scoping and environmental impact assessment which require payment of the difference within 30 days of the decision; and
  • In the event that an integrated application is made for developments which require both an Environmental Authorisation and a Waste Management Licence, applicants will pay 100% for the more expensive application and 50% for the second application. This discount applies only where the same competent authority deals with both applications. Where two separate competent authorities deal with these applications, both applications will be subject to the payment of the full fee.

The prescribed fees will be as follows:


Basic assessment is required R2 000
S&EIR is required R10 000
Integrated application for an environmental authorisation and a waste management licence where the same              competent authority deals with both applications (a)  100% of the most expensive application, namely R10 000 if a S&EIR is triggered. R2000 if a basic assessment is triggered 

(b)  50% of the other application, namely R5000 if a S&EIR is triggered. R1000 if a basic assessment is triggered

Amendment of an environmental authorisation on   application by the holder of an environmental                     authorisation R2 000
Application for a transfer of a waste management licence     or for the renewal of a waste management licence R2 000


To access the full gazettes, click on the link below:

National Environmental Management Act (107/1998): Fees for consideration and processing of applications for environmental authorisations and amendments thereto [G 37383 – GN 141]:


National Environmental Management: Waste Act (59/2003): Fee structure for consideration and processing of applications for waste management licenses, transfer and renewal thereof [G 37383 – GN 142]:


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